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Connecting your Sony speaker to a Bluetooth® device is a quick and easy process. The first time you connect your speaker to a phone or tablet, we strongly recommend using the Setup Wizard. If you have already connected your speaker and want to pair it with another device, follow these steps:

Press the Bluetooth button on your speaker.

Connecting your speaker to your phone is easy. First, press the Bluetooth button on your speaker. Next, select Bluetooth from the list of available devices and then enter "0000" as the passcode when prompted. If you don't see your speaker in this list, try again later or try pairing with a different device (such as another phone).

Launch the Sony | Music Center app on your phone or tablet.

To pair the speaker, launch the Sony | Music Center app on your phone or tablet. You can download this free app from Google Play for Android devices and from the Apple App Store for iOS devices. If you have a Windows 10 computer, you can download the Sony | Music Center app from Microsoft Store (formerly called Windows Store). MacOS users can get it from the Mac App Store.

If you don't already have this app installed on your device, go ahead and install it now!

Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your speaker.

Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your speaker. You will be asked to select your speaker from a list of devices, or if you have multiple speakers, you will be asked to choose the one you want to pair with.

Once connected, you can use your phone as a remote for interacting with your music.

Once you've connected your Sony speaker to your phone, you can use the app to control your music. You can use the app to control what song is playing and even adjust its volume.

Using the app as a remote for interacting with your music is convenient because it doesn't require extra hardware or controllers. You can simply open up the app, pick a song and play it through your speaker without needing anything else besides that one application.

The benefit of using an application like this as opposed to something like Apple Music or Spotify is that it allows you greater control over what's going on with all of your speakers at once you don't have to switch between different apps if someone else has their headphones plugged in but wants full volume while someone else has headphones connected but only wants background noise from their own media source device such as an Alexa-enabled smart speaker (like the Amazon Echo).


If you want to use your phone or tablet as a remote control for your music, then Sony’s wireless speakers are an excellent option. They offer great sound quality and can be easily paired with any device that has Bluetooth connectivity.


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