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If you have an iPhone, then you've probably noticed that it doesn't sound as loud or clear as your computer speakers. You can make the speaker louder. This is simple to do using a few different methods.

Changing the volume limit and bass settings

To turn up the volume limit, go to your settings app and then tap General. Scroll down to Accessibility and click Hearing. You should see a slider for Volume Limit at the top. Slide it up as far as possible (it will be grayed out if you haven’t turned on the accessibility feature).

The next thing you need to do is change how much bass is coming out of your phone’s speakers. To change this setting go back into Settings and tap General again; then choose Accessibility once more and scroll down until you find Hearing again. Tap Bass Boost at the top right corner of this screen and slide it all the way over so that it is green instead of grayed out.

Turning off equalizer on Music app

In order to make the Music app's equalizer work, you have to turn it on. But if you don't want your music sounding too trebly or bass-y, then follow these steps:

  • From your Home screen, tap Settings.

  • Tap Music (underneath Library).

  • Under EQ Preferences, slide the Equalizer switch to Off (or On if you turned it off in a previous step).

Using audio playback apps

You can also play music louder by using an audio playback app. The advantage of this method is that the volume increase will affect all apps on your phone.

  • To do this, open up the Music app and tap the icon in the bottom right corner that looks like a speaker icon with horizontal lines through it. This will bring up a menu of options for increasing or decreasing the volume, as well as other settings for adjusting sound quality and equalizer presets.

  • To increase volume further than what's possible through this menu, go back to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Volume Slider & Ringtone Toggle and select "Raise Volume With Buttons" or "Increase Volume By 10%."

Playing a song that is louder than usual

To make your iPhone speaker louder, try playing a song that is louder than usual. You can also play music at high volume for a long time. This will increase the volume of your iPhone’s speakers and make them louder.

If you have headphones or earbuds with a built-in microphone, use them to speak on the phone instead of using the iPhone’s external speaker. You can also use external speakers to play music from your iPhone and increase its volume if you do not have any headphones or earbuds with microphones attached to them.

Turn up your speakers without losing quality.

If you have an iPhone, there are a few ways to turn up the volume without losing quality.

First off, simply turn up your speaker volume on your phone. This can be done by opening the Settings app and going to Sounds & Haptics. There are several sliders for different sounds (the ringer, keyboard clicks, etc.) that can be adjusted independently of one another in this menu.

If you're looking for more options than just turning up your phone's speakers, try using headphones instead! Headphones with good bass response will boost the low-end frequencies while keeping sound quality intact at higher frequencies like cymbals or vocals. Some headphones also come with additional features such as noise cancellation which will further enhance the listening experience by reducing outside noises while increasing overall volume on those that remain!

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The iPhone’s speakers are great for listening to music, but sometimes you might want them to be even louder. There are plenty of ways that you can make your iPhone speaker louder without losing quality in your audio. The first thing you should do is change the volume limit on your device by following these instructions:

Next, try turning off any equalizer settings on your Music app that might be causing issues with amplification levels (e.g., bass boost). If all else fails, try playing a song that is already louder than usual because iOS will automatically increase its volume output when it detects higher-than-average decibel levels at an earphone jack input; this allows users who listen from headphones only know when their device’s audio output has been maxed out or close enough thereabouts anyway


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